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THE ALUMACART-Patented Design!


The ALUMACART- A One of kind Patented Design!

Patent #7,641,206

All Aluminum Welded Construction, this heavy duty cart is made to last, carrying a Lifetime Guarantee*. The spark free, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction will never rust, ideal for use in any environment.

These all aluminum ergonomic platform trucks allow a single person to easily tackle what would normally be a two person job. The bed dimensions are 27″ wide by 33″ long made of 3/16″ thick structural aluminum.  The overall width is 35.5″, enabling the Alumacart to go through all doorways, gates and screen enclosures.              

Our best-selling accessory! Store those bulky beach chairs on the OUTSIDE of your wagon, freeing up all of your interior wagon space for all your other gear.

These superior quality, old-school, high-back beach chairs are the perfect addition to your day at the beach or the sports field. MADE IN THE USA!!!



The Patented ALUMACART

• The Patented Alumacart was designed to haul large, heavy & bulky items.  The principle behind the Patent was leverage and counterbalance.

• One person does the work of two people.

• Aluminum (NOT STEEL) eliminates deterioration problems caused by salt, fertilizer and harsh chemicals.

• Spark resistant, perfect for chemical material handling.

• Alumacart gives your business a professional appearance year after year (no rusting carts & wagons).

• Breaks down for ground shipment with very little assembly required.

• No moving parts to break and features a Lifetime guarantee*.  Does not include running over the Alumacart with a front end loader (although most have survived)

• Design eliminates workers compensation claims, for bad backs.  You never actually “lift” the load.

• This product was also designed by a landscaper, nursery and tree farm owner.

• Alumacart is designed for big pots & trees, material handling, scuba tanks, hay, feed, virtually anything!  You will also use the Alumacart every day for mulch, fertilizer, plants and other tasks.

• Last but not least, the Alumacart goes through all gates, doors, and entryways.


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 26 × 11 in

27" x 33"


46" × 26" × 11"


47 lbs


800 lbs