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This heavy duty cart is made to last, carrying a Lifetime Guarantee*. The spark free, corrosion resistant aluminum commercial grade construction will never rust, ideal for use in any environment.

These all aluminum ergonomic platform trucks allow a single person to easily tackle what would normally be a two person job. The bed dimensions are 31″ wide by 34″ long made of 3/16″ thick solid structural aluminum.  The overall width is 39″.





Spacious 18″ x 24″ table top perfect for any day at the sports field, beach or day of fishing. Prepare all the day’s food and drinks. Slides into rod racks and includes two cup holders.



• The Patented Alumacart was designed to haul large heavy & bulky items.  The principal behind the Patent was leverage and counter balance.


• One person does the work of two people. For businesses this cuts labor costs in half!


• Aluminum (NOT STEEL) eliminates deterioration problems caused by salt, fertilizer and harsh chemicals.


• Spark resistant, perfect for chemical material handling.


• Alumacart gives your business a professional appearance year after year.


• Weighs only 55 lbs with a load capacity of 800 lbs. Easy for you, your staff and your customers to load and haul bulky heavy objects.


• Breaks down for Ground shipment with very little assembly required.


• No moving parts to break with a Lifetime Guarantee.   Does not include running over the Alumacart with a front end loader (although most have survived).


• The Alumacart has been on the market for over 20 years, serving 1,000’s of happy customers.


• The design eliminates worker’s compensation claims, for injured backs.  You never actually “lift” the load.


• This product was also designed by a landscaper, nursery and tree farm owner.  He had to do the work, obviously he found an easier way to do it.


• Alumacart is designed for big pots & trees, material handling, scuba tanks, hay, feed, virtually anything!  You will also use the Alumacart every day for mulch, fertilizer, plants and other tasks.  Unlike a ball cart that sits under a tree, until you sell another tree.


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31" x 34"


34" × 31" × 12"


55 lbs


800 lbs