Alumacart, Inc.

  • Two Wheel UV Deck Wagon on the Pier

    2-Wheel UV Deck Wagon

    ALL NEW!  2-Wheel UV Deck Wagon Highest quality and lowest cost wagon on the market! Light as a feather, yet strong as a mule.   Weighs 24 lbs! Deck size 19.5" x 36.5" UV...

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  • 4-Wheel Articulating Wagon 4-Wheel Articulating Wagon

    Articulating Wagon

    The Articulating Wagon Don't have much space?? The Articulating Wagon is perfect for you! The Articulating wagon's amazing design allows it to practically pivot 360 degrees in its own space...

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  • BIG BOY Alumacart

    BIG BOY Alumacart

    NEW!!!! BIG BOY ALUMACART- A One of kind Patented Design!  HAULS 65-GALLON CONTAINERS!!!   All Aluminum Welded Construction, this heavy duty cart is made to last, carrying a...

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  • Bimini Beach & Fishing Wagon

    Bimini Beach & Fishing Wagon

    The World’s Best BEACH & FISHING WAGON!!!! You will not find a better beach & fishing wagon on the planet AND best of all it is... Made in the USA!!!   INCLUDES built-in...

    $429.99 $399.99
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  • Clevis handle attachment Clevis handle attachment

    Clevis Attachment

    Clevis Attachment Accessory Now you can haul your wagon behind your ATV, golf cart or lawn mower with the new all-aluminum Clevis Hitch attachment! Heavy duty welded aluminum fabrication...

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  • Cypress Junior UV Deck wagon Hitch Accessory for Cypress Junior-UV Deck Aluminum Wagon

    Cypress Junior Wagon

    The Cypress Junior All aluminum little brother of our Cypress wagon. Weighing just 35 pounds, this platform truck has a UV protected, polypropylene deck bed with a 2" x 3" x 1/8" architectural...

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  • Cypress Wagon

    Cypress Wagon

    Cypress Wagon! Weighing just 37 pounds, this all aluminum pull wagon has UV protected polypropylene deck bed inlay welded inside a 2" x 3" x 1/8" architectural angle frame. 3" Tall Framing provides...

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  • FAT BOY Alumacart

    FAT BOY Alumacart

    NEW!!!! FAT BOY ALUMACART- A One of kind Patented Design!  HAULS 65-GALLON CONTAINERS!!!  Includes EIGHT tires!!! All Aluminum Welded Construction, this heavy duty cart is made to...

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  • High Load Capacity Aluminum Jupiter Wagon High Load Capacity Aluminum Jupiter Wagon

    Jupiter Wagon-Heavy Duty

    Super Heavy Duty Aluminum Jupiter Wagon 27” x 45” x .125” solid deck all ALUMINUM pull wagon with heavy duty industrial construction.  Built to withstand the harshest...

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  • "Little Hercules"-4 Wheel Solid Aluminum deck wagon

    Little Hercules Wagon

    Little Hercules!   Massive power in a Small package!! All the same amazing features as our full size Pull Wagon!   All aluminum welded, solid deck pull wagon with drain holes. Pivoting...

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  • 2-Wheel Semi-Tracking Trailer 2-Wheel Semi-Tracking Trailer

    Semi-Tracking Trailer

      4' x 8' All Aluminum fabricated semi-tracking trailer with 13" large tread tires. Fabricated using all heavy duty aluminum components, stainless steel hardware and UV protected polypropylene...

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